From campus greenhouses to farmer’s markets to the farm field, we’re answering pressing questions with world-class research.

Our first organic content was produced in 1992, and we’ve been steadilly working to increase the size and impact of our research programs ever since. Every year brings a different constellation of particular projects led by any number of PI’s, so our aim isn’t to provide an exhaustive list of everything happening at UW, instead it’s to give you a general idea of the kinds of work we do with some specific examples. For a list of all publications to result from our research projects, head over to our resources section.

Everything that takes place in our labs or greenhouses or on research stations can be found here. Many of these project will incorporate an element of on-farm research but not all.

The UW Organic Collaborative put out a call for research proposals in 2019 to fund UW–Madison graduate students working on projects addressing organic agriculture production and practices. The first cohort of five graduate students was supported to conduct sponsored research and education starting in fall 2021. We hope to offer similar opportunities in future years – stay tuned!

Emerging Organic Leaders at UW

Meet the first cohort!

The first crop of graduate students funded through the UW Organic Collaborative share their stories – as diverse as the crops and markets they study.

Claire Benning
Agroecologist in the making
Ámbar Carvallo
Organic plant breeder in training
Liam Dixon
Aspiring plant breeder
Ari Abbrescia
Organic Researcher
Guang Tian
Economist and Organic Dairy Researcher

Certificate and Courses in Organic Ag

UW Madison’s New Certificate in Organic Agriculture
 Introduction to Organic Agriculture: Production, Markets, and Policy
Seminar in Organic Agriculture