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The 2024 OGRAIN Conference

The 2024 OGRAIN Winter Conference will be held February 2-3, 2024 at Monona Terrace. Our 8th annual conference will continue to connect organic grain growers with new research and the robust organic grain community of the upper Midwest. Come learn and network!

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The Organic Grain Resource and Information Network

OGRAIN is many things: Educational opportunities throughout the year, a vast peer-to-peer learning network, dozens of helpful resources, and a meeting place for all things organic grain in the Upper Midwest. Learn more…

Annual OGRAIN Conference

We host hundreds of farmers every winter to talk organic grain and trouble shoot together.


OGRAIN Listserv

A vast and active peer-to-peer network of  farmers, educators, and experts. Got a question? This is a great place to ask it. Join by emailing ograin+subscribe@g-groups.wisc.edu

Field days

On-farm and hands-on: educational events are hosted on collaborator farms throughout the Midwest


Virtual events

Regular conversations, presentations, and webinars, co-presented by farmers, experts, and University faculty.


OGRAIN Compass

A budget and planning tool to help transitioning organic grain growers wrap their heads around the costs and benefits of going organic. Use the tool.


Turning Grain into Dough (Book)

Meant as a companion to the OGRAIN Compass, this incredibly accessible book covers everything you need to know about the financials of organic grain farming. Read the book.

Resource lists

Curated lists of all of the best resources out there, organized by topic. Access the list.



Community Map

Find businesses, helpful resources, and other organic farmers in your area. Check the map.


YouTube Channel

Watch dozens of past presentations as well as original series covering everything from weed control to fertility. Watch the videos.


Research Collaboration

Whether you’re interested in collaborating on research or just want to share your ideas for future research, OGRAIN is a great way to impact research at UW. Email emsilva@wisc.edu to get in the loop.


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