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The programs listed below are the most commonly pursued graduate-level opportunities for students interested in organic agriculture. However, there are programs and colleges throughout the UW-verse that engage in organic topics as well – the Business School, L&S, and Nursing to name a few. Throughout the university there are courses, communities, and events that any student, in any program, can engage in relating to organic agriculture. If you’re interested in learning more about how to incorporate your passion for organic agriculture into your graduate experience, don’t hesitate to reach out:

AgroEcology M.S.

The Agroecology M.S. Program at UW-Madison, created in 2007, works with affiliated faculty members from nearly 20 departments across campus, training students to research and engage with agricultural systems in a broader environmental and socio-economic context.

The Agroecology Program offers a Master of Science degree with two tracks that differ in coursework requirements and the nature of the final project – the Research Track and the Public Practice Track.  Alumni of both tracks have had professional success in the public and private agricultural sectors, including positions in research, outreach, education, and project management in the public and private sectors.

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The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

The Nelson Institute offers four interdisciplinary graduate degree programs and two graduate certificate programs for students with exceptional interest in researching and solving the most pressing environmental challenges.  Environment and Resources and Water Resources Management are the two programs that students interested in incorporating organics into their course of study most often pursue.

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