Certificate in Organic Agriculture

‘Going Organic’ just got academic


How to grow and process organic food and fiber


From farm gate to your plate


Regulation, governance, and rule-making from Dane Co. to DC


As consumer, industry, and society engagement with organic agriculture expands, the Certificate in Organic Agriculture provides undergraduate students excellent opportunities for learning on a variety of levels, including hands-on experiences. While the certificate focuses on the production and processing approaches that define organic agriculture, students can also explore other dimensions including economic, environmental, health, food systems, and policy.  This interdisciplinary certificate can help UW students from various majors to develop employment opportunities in organic agriculture businesses (farm to fork), policy, public and non-governmental agency work, individual wellness and health initiatives, and sustainable development efforts.

Join a team of world-class (and fun!) professors, organic luminaries, and fellow students as you launch into this innovative industry.


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