UW Organic Collaborative Research Grants

Research opportunities for graduate students interested in organic agriculture

The UW Organic Collaborative puts out a call for research proposals every two years that fund UW–Madison graduate students working on projects addressing organic agriculture production and practices. The first cohort of five graduate students will be supported to conduct sponsored research and education starting in fall 2021. Note that the next call for proposals will be announced in 2022.

2021 UW Organic Collaborative Research Grant Recipients

“Improving Control of Three Table Beet Diseases Caused by Cercosporabeticola, Pseudomonas syringae, and Rhizoctonia solani in Organic Production Systems”

PI – Dr. Irwin Goldman

Professor, Horticulture

Irwin Goldman

“Integrated Pest Management in Organic Agriculture –Development of Web-Based Resources”

PI – Dr. Russell Groves

Professor, Entomology

Welcome to the Groves Lab



“Collaborative plant breeding for organic tomatoes in the Upper Midwest”

PI – Dr. Julie Dawson

Associate Professor, Horticulture

Welcome to the Urban and Regional Food System Program at UW-Madison

“Retail Competition, Marketing, and Opportunities for Organic Food in the Upper Midwest”

PI – Dr. Sheldon Du

Professor, Agriculture & Applied Economics


“Determining the benefits of cover crops and cover crop mixtures on organic grain farms”

PI – Dr. Matt Ruark

Professor, Soil Science